Here some character design, illustrations, art and visual development, that shows a little bit of who I am and what I like.

Character: Expressions and personalities.

Illustration: A cup of tea on the 20's.

Character expressions: frustration.

Painting: Sunny outside.

Character: Happyyyyyyy...

Illustration: My friend butterfly.

Character: sometimes the drawings get sad too...

Panting: For a sweet friend.

Love working with patterns.

Character: Fruit salad sweater.

Illustration: I got the chance to participate on a BIT OF ART, a collaboration of 80 Brazilian illustrators paying a tribute to 80 classic games! This is my "Adventure Island" Illustration!

Character: Redhead kids say hi!

Character: Trying some different hair styles.

Character: A girl and some flowers.

 Character - Practicing from pictures.

 Character - Those days you don't fit inside yourself...

Character  - First Designs of a little sad boy.

Illustration -ÍNDIA.

Illustration - One more ÍNDIA.

Illustration - Let's go to the movies!

Illustration - Fall Homage.

Illustration - Hey giraffe!

Illustration - Girl with ballons.
Illustration - Sweet dreams  

Character Design - The Curious Gang.

Character Design: Bag - Hat - Tie - Mustache! 

Because one of things I like the most is to watch kids playing together - Illustration - Flash + Photoshop

 Beatles poster.

Carmen Miranda poster.

Elvis poster.

An Elephant shower!

Illustration - MENINAS - different characters and patterns, a lot of patterns =)

Illustration - Fun in the sun - drawing + flash + photoshop

A dance...

 Marilyn Monroe poster.

Casablanca poster.


Background: Operating room, in a graphic style… I love graphic style! =)

Character design for Lisa's Family - a personal project about a teen age girl trying to deal with her family.

Character design for Fred and Ed - a personal project that tells the history about two best friends, a boy crazy for technology and a insane and bored badger. 

Character design for Maria, the girl of the blue hair - a personal project about a sweet little girl that has something different than the others.