"CLÉO E O MAPINGUARI" is the first book I had the chance to illustrate and design. I'm very happy with the whole result and I had a great time during the development of it.

Everything started when Saulo Ribas, director of FAROFA STUDIOS, sent me his story. It talks about some little enchanted kids that still didn't know how special they were. I really love all the potential that it had to became a very pretty and meaningful book, and the images already started to come to my mind. 

The first step was to develop the character design. During this process I was always thinking about what the story was telling me about each character. Was my turn to give shape to those fantastic personalities. Below some of the process for each character:

CLÉO is a shy and sweet girl that has something different from the others. 

PINGO is a big and curious creature of the Forest, that runs after adventure and ended up finding the best friends he could ever imagine.

 TOM is little boy that also has something different from the others.

 SACI is a big master for the group. He knows a lot about all the secret of those who have something special.

Once we pic the best designs for the characters, I did this expression sheet for the main ones - Cléo and Pingo:

With all the characters developed I started thinking about each page. Was a very cool part of the process, where I did lots of thumbs to find out how to divide the story and to decide with Saulo which image would be the best to illustrate what was been told. Here some thumbs to illustrate this step:

After all the thumbs approved, was time to start the final drawing of each page. Was time to think about the best composition, chose the best poses and expressions for the characters and develop all the Backgrounds. Here I chose four pages in the pencil stage:

Now starts one of my favorite parts of the whole process: COLORING. To start I did a color guide, where I roughly planed how the colours would work throughout the story. Down here you can see how the book starts with cold colours and during the adventure it gets warmer and warmer, till when the big moment comes and we have the brighter page of all. After that, the sun starts to set and we have another transition of colours.

With all the colours planned and approved by the author, was time to put colours on each page. Here I selected two to show the process - thumbs - drawing - colour - light. Hope you enjoy how the final page looks :)

After a good time and all the pages colored was time to put all together and do the layout of the book. Was very nice to see the product coming together. Down here I highlight a pattern that I create for the back of the cover and some pictures of the printed book, where you can see some details of the layout:


Conception and Production: FAROFA STUDIOS.
Illustration and Cover: FERNANDA RIBEIRO.
BRAZIL 2013.

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