After a really good time of work, was time to study again! I spent 2011 living in Vancouver - Canada, studying Classical animation at Vancouver Film School! Everything was completely amazing, a lot of learning, new friends from all over the world and the most exciting, a lot of ANIMATION! We are drawing everyday, all the time, watching movies, sharing links and sharing knowledge, it was awesome to be around so many special people. To share this experience, here it is some of my VFS assigments… Hope you enjoy! =)


Some life drawings… It’s so important to have this class, to make your head understand better the body’s anatomy and teach your hand to get free to draw the movement of each pose.

2 and 5 minutes poses:


Work with colors is something that gives me a lot of pleasure, I really want to learn more and more about it! Besides, my mom always worked with paints and brushes, she taught me a lot, so painting for me is like coming back home!


I've already worked with Toon-Boom in the Digital Ink and Paint process for the classical film "TIM and TED", but this was the first time a did a Toon-Boom cut-out animation. I really like the software, and I want to learn more.


Here my assignments in animation from VFS. We learn a lot with each one, and it was always a new challenge!

A magician trying to do his trick, but he has some problems… =)

Heavy ball for a little guy…

A elephant walk cycle! It was a really hard one for me, it's still not as good as I wanted, but I feel happy with it after so many tries…

My little girl walking… For the first time figuring out foot slip chart, what a awesome stuff! =)

I had a lot of fun animating this, Tex Avery was the biggest inspiration!

Classical head rotation, it was hard to give to my cartoon character a 3d view… =)