Another project is done! And this is one I'm very proud of! Working together with Henrique Barone and Cesar Martinez we developed Veet Horror Stories, a social media campaign for Halloween which was driven by 3 animated short stories, all focuses in the uncomfortable situations women undergo while waxing and portrayed them as horror movies. The goal was to highlight those painful moments and show how Veet can improve that experience with their products.

The whole concept was very fun and gave lots of room to create. With beautiful Art Direction, backgrounds and composting by Cesar and amazing animation by my dear Henrique, my role on it was to develop the Character Design, all very feminine, just the way I like it! Here I want to share a bit of the process.

To develop the girls for each spot, I started roughing out a bunch of ideas:

Then we picked 3 of them, one for each spot, and I continued developing. Here some of it after adjusting the design with all the needs of the campaign:

After finishing the girls, it was time to design the Beautician, our villain. She is the same on all the shorts, but I got the chance to play with different hair styles:

It all came together very well, I'm very glad with the final result. Hope it gives you some goosebumps! You can also check more making of material like composting breakdowns and more images on Cesar's Behance.

Thanks for watching! :)

Agency: Momentum
Producer: Sarah Champman
Creative Direcion: Hugo Gallardo
Art Direction: Cesar Martinez
Lead Animation: Henrique Barone
Character Development: Fernanda Ribeiro
Compositing & S.A.E.: Cesar Martinez

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